Company's Spirit


Company's Tenet

Creat value for customers, Realize dream for employee

Company's Morality

Honesty Well Credit

Company's Exhortation

The rise and fall of Haixun is related to everyone.
Do not a small bad thing and do a small good thing.

Company's Style:

Fast Reflection,Assume Liability

Haixun's Values:

To Society:

Devotion, Assume Responsibility

To Customers:

Sincerity,Well Credit, Comprehension

To Competitor:

Learn other’s strongpoints and apply them to our work.

To Leaders:

Respect, Obedience,Comprehension,Cooperation

To Subordinations:

Love,Communication,Strict, Trust,Comprehension,Lead

To Colleagues:

Honest, Friendly, Concerned

To Friends:

Sincerity, Credit, Encouragement,Help

To Overmatch:


To the Weak:

Care ,Support

To Environment:

Do from a small thing, protect attentively

To Task:

Perform fast, seek for greater perfection

To Equipment:

Use rightly, maintain reasonably

To Product:

Seek for greater perfection

To safety:

Nip an evil in the bud, keep it in mind all the time

To Success:

Success is to do everything better

To Setback:

Need perseverance and courage

To Failure:

Bear responsibility, absorb lessons of failures

To Career:

Be brave to pursue

To Work:

Be careful, be better, be innovative

To Discipline:

Be strict, be improved, be advance with times

To Quality:

Quality is root of company to develop and live

To Enterprise:

Enterprise’ interests is higher than anything

To Aim:

Keep the aim in our mind all the time

To Plan:

Plan in advance, plan in entirety, plan carefully, plan in order

To Training:

Pay attention to reality

To Summary:

Pay attention to effectiveness

To Self:

Be severe with oneself and lenient towards others

To Life:

Every man has his gift and needs to struggles for nice life

To Relative:

Respect Understand Considerate Forgive Endure

To Neighbor:

Harmonious Friendly United Self-effacing

To Art:

Appreciate Pursue

To Science:

Respect Advocate Love Apply
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